Theory – Chaos Logic

ξ ← ξ’ → 0


Binary spiral ( base 3, 4, 6, 8 )

By counting from zero in binary, in a vertical table, a pattern emerges on the far right: 0,1,0,1… the next line contains 11,00,11,00… then 1111,0000,1111,0000… etc. When this numerical pattern is set to circle instead of the simple vertical line, the result can be interesting, as diagrams illustrate. It is a simple, basic fractal.  Full resolution



Division of four years period on three in order to get whole repetitive value in a row as a result.


Network sequence

0, 2, 4, 10, 24, 58, 140, 338, 816…

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Circular addition arrays

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Artificial Intelligence


models (3ds Max)

The realistic looking terrain was imported in 3ds Max from the high precision satellite terrain data image (digital elevation models or DEM). The terrain was exported using the Global Mapper application, and the resolution of the terrain was 12.5 m

The DEM model was recorded by the ALOS mission. On the imported terrain the „quadrify“ command was necessary in order to resolve the geometry. The texture ( full color satellite image ) that was exported from the Global Mapper previously solved the color of the meadows.

Student experiments