Miloš Ilić (Cyrillic: Милош Илић), was born in 1989. in Serbia, he currently lives in Majdanpek. Independent creative individual with skills in: drawing from imagination, drafting, painting, writing, 3D modeling, computer graphics.. Concept or idea for this webpage was to solve entanglement in the relationship between the author and the reader, for the best experience of understanding about various interesting new ideas as they come, a brainstorm, to share and develop ideas in order to process change into the future, to catch the opportunity, to innovate.

battery (n.)

1530s, „action of battering,“ in law, „the unlawful beating of another,“ from French batterie, from Old French baterie „beating, thrashing, assault“ (12c.), from batre „to beat,“ from Latin battuere (see batter (v.)). Meaning shifted in French from „bombardment“ („heavy blows“ upon city walls or fortresses) to „unit of artillery“ (a sense recorded in English from 1550s). Extension to „electrical cell“ (1748, first used by Ben Franklin) is perhaps from the artillery sense via notion of „discharges“ of electricity. In Middle English, bateri meant only „forged metal ware.“ In obsolete baseball jargon battery was the word for „pitcher and catcher“ considered as a unit (1867, originally only the pitcher).

heart (n.)

Old English heorte „heart (hollow muscular organ that circulates blood); breast, soul, spirit, will, desire; courage; mind, intellect,“ from Proto-Germanic *hertan- (source also of Old Saxon herta, Old Frisian herte, Old Norse hjarta, Dutch hart, Old High German herza, German Herz, Gothic hairto), from PIE root *kerd- „heart.“ Most of the modern figurative senses were present in Old English, including „memory“ (from the notion of the heart as the seat of all mental faculties, now only in by heart, which is from late 14c.), „seat of inmost feelings; will; seat of emotions, especially love and affection; seat of courage.“ Meaning „inner part of anything“ is from early 14c.

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Artificial Intelligence

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models 2017 (3ds Max)

The realistic looking terrain was imported in 3ds Max from the high precision satellite terrain data image (digital elevation models or DEM). The terrain was exported using the Global Mapper application, and the resolution of the terrain was 12.5 m

The DEM model was recorded by the ALOS mission. On the imported terrain the „quadrify“ command was necessary in order to resolve the geometry. The texture ( full color satellite image ) that was exported from the Global Mapper previously solved the color of the meadows.

Student experiments

Master plan – Poznań